We are located at Lichtenrader Straße 49, 12049 Berlin in the district of Neukölln. Find us on OpenStreetMap.

Getting There

The closest train station is U8 Boddinstraße, which has a street to platform elevator. More Info


Entrance - Single 15cm step up to front door which opens outwards towards the street.

Bathroom - All gender with one standing urinal and one enclosed seated toilet. The door to the bathroom can be locked from the inside with a small latch.

Seating - We have a variety of donated chairs, some with cushions. There are two low couches and a padded arm chair.


Kitchen - We have a small highly functional kitchen with a large gas stove, an oven, dual sinks with dish sprayer and a mini fridge.

Internet - As of April 2024 we still don’t have permanent internet at offline! Mobile connectivity is also limited, you may have to go outside to make calls.